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Planning a Better Garden
 By Kerry Lake, Master Gardener

Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow?

The drought here in New England just continues to get worse every week. Many towns now have water bans on watering of any kind. Four feet of snow one winter, then bone dry the next 12 months; how is a gardener to cope with this contradictory weather?  Let’s start by getting back to basics. In the next few months we are going to bring you knowledge and experience from our master gardeners. We will take a look at new and old garden ideas and concepts in order to help you plan a more resilient garden for 2017.

Whether starting a garden, or freshening an existing one, NOW, yes now in October, is the time to start your plan for that 2017 garden.  Over the next several feature articles we will look at the different aspects of planning and then caring for next year’s garden.  Our garden is only as good as the depth to which we plan and prepare.  As someone once said “Preparation is the Key to Success”.  So now, starting in October, we have a few months to plan for our next spectacular garden, to be better prepared for next year.  Be forewarned, planning means work on your part.  We will be recommending books for you to read, evaluations to construct, budgets to prepare, site plans to draw for both new and existing gardens. All the work will be worth it when you reap the rewards. We can work together this fall and winter to prepare for the best garden in 2017.

We propose that there are 3 factors that will affect your dream garden: the Soil, the Site, and You; let’s keep with our S alliteration and call ‘You” Self.  These three factors dictate everything that can and will happen to your garden. Each month we will look at Soil, Site and Self In preparation of our 2017 Garden. Take a look at our Soil – Site – Self garden tasks for October.

Coming Up in November:

  • Soil: Soil test results & remediation including cover crops
  • Site: Developing the Dream Site Plan
  • Self: How you can make the Dream a Reality

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