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Berkshire News

Terry O'Brien, Area Representative - Mary Tierney and Chris Stodden, Co-Coordinators

January 2019


The holidays are behind us and now we look forward to the winter ahead.  It hasn’t snowed to amount to anything since our early surprise snow fall in November.  Mother Nature surprised us with an unexpected 6 inches of snow which fell on our gardens that had not yet been put to bed and leaves that had fallen and did not get raked up in time.  November was much colder this year than in past years, snowing and freezing the soil in containers preventing us from decorating them with winter greens.  Winter hasn’t even gotten started yet, so hold on tight the ride is yet to come.


Our holiday party at the Berkshire Botanical Garden was well attended.  We enjoyed festive food, drink, and chatter. In the midst of the fun time we conducted a short business meeting where we congratulated ourselves on a job well done at the Demonstration Gardens this summer, our presence at the Farmers’ Markets, and the Harvest Festival at the BBG.  Members were recruited to start working on our winter project, creating our Road Show Board on the subject of “Composting”.


Berkshire members are very excited and welcome our three new interns that will be entering the MG classes this week.  We are happy they will be joining our team and looking forward to working together.  We wish them much success.


Now here we are in January with no snow in site to amount to anything and no gardens to lose ourselves in, so it’s time to dream and plan for next summer.  Looking through seed and flower catalogs will be our past time for the coming months ahead. 


Berkshire’s next quarterly meeting has been scheduled for February 12th and at that time we will be planning our spring and summer programs.

Happy Dreaming… 


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