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Planning a 2017 Better Garden Completion

Contributed by Kerry Lake, Master Gardener


Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how DID your garden grow? This past year we have featured articles on how to start and/ or improve your garden by looking at the SOIL, SITE, and your SELF. How DID it go? The growing season of 2017 has certainly been different from 2016. This year we had rain from April thru July, so dealing with any drought was not the issue.  August and September were somewhat dry, but if you had rain barrels, you could use the ‘free’ water.  This is the time of year to review the past gardening season, comparing it to previous years. This review will help you to plan a better garden for 2018.

Soil. Hoping you did have your soil tested last fall and added any recommended amendments. Did you try a cover crop or a better winter mulch, feeding the soil organisms all winter? In the spring, did you forgo the ritual of turning over the soil, instead planting directly into the undisturbed plot?  Are you extending the growing season by planting cold weather crops for the fall?  Now is the time to send your soil out for testing so that you will have time to add any amendments or start your cover crop.

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Site. Did you take a good look at your garden site last fall and winter? Did you have trees limbed back for more sun? Did you move your garden site to a better location?  Did you change your garden design? How about the plants that you chose this past growing season; did you stick to your old faithfuls or try something new like starting from seeds? Did you try soaker hoses or drip lines, and how did that work in August and September?  Now is the time to plan for a better garden next year.

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Self.  What garden practices did you change this year from your past years?  Did you read any of our book recommendations and did they help you in your gardening this year? Did you keep a garden journal noting planting and harvesting times (later this year than last, right?)What were your garden problems and your successes?  Did our articles on Plant Health Care, IPM, and Watering help you?

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This is the time to review your 2017 garden season, to plan for the best garden in 2018.  More of our previously Featured Articles and Book Reviews are available for you to see. Click on Gardening Resources in the bar above to go to our articles and book reviews. 


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